Otto Watt

Want Otto Watt on my desk.

Sarah Bird Lamp

Some time ago found Sarah Bird lamp on It’s described as a whimsical and recommended for child’s room. I think that it would fit well in other rooms too. What are your thoughts?

Poppy Lüster

Loving this graceful chandelier by Ulrich Beckert, Georg Soanca-Pollack, Peter Thammer for Serien. It recalls the summer that just ended.

Mademoiselle Filou

A light bulb + a tea strainer + 6 legs + 2 wings = Mademoiselle Filou wall lamp. Some interiors may gain from this unusual accent.

Uto, 2005

Uto – not only sounds, but looks cute and it has an option to be used indoor and outdoor too. Just can’t be unloved.

Ring K2

The first, which spring to mine mind seeing this light was – how to cope with the dust gets on the shade of the lamp? Then I was looking for an answer. And I found it. So feathers by their nature are dirt – resistant and have a smooth surface. Any dust that gathers can be lightly brushed from the feathers by hand. So if you regularly clean your house there will be no problem to clean this amazing lamp : ).

Bloom Pendant

Yesterday I read an interview with James Henderson, the president of  Shine Labs in Freshome. Then checked out their website and found cute pendant. This lamp made of hundreds of hand embroidered blossoms cover a pod shape. The creators called Bloom a celebration of art and beauty.

Leda Desk Lamp No. 114, 2009

One of my favorite things about light is the fusion of the elegant form and colour. There are another exemplar – Leda desk lamp No. 114 created in David Weeks studio.

Avia 7, 2005

Avia 7 was generated by Aqua Creations. It’ s provided for public areas. This suspension is mobile and its structure allow modeling various compositions of shades. This lamp like other of their products have been created to gaining inspiration from the underwater world. Check out their website there are marvellous furniture too.

Random Light, 2001

Without this classic suspension my light blog “felt” naked. Love this because it’s delicate and simple at the same time. This lamp was designed by Bertjan Pot for Moooi.